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Mission Statement

The mission of Kittyhoynes Run Club is to make running fun and to meet new friends along the way!

About the Club

When: We run/walk/crawl on Wednesdays at 6pm from April to November

Where: Start at Kittyhoynes Irish Bar and Restaurant to different parts of Syracuse (Tipperary Hill, Syracuse University, Eastwood, Creekwalk and Strathmore)  

Distance:  2, 4, 6 or 8 mile routes

Pace: Everyone runs at their own pace

How Much: Free to join

After: Kittyhoynes provides snacks after the run (there is a donation bucket twice a month so runners can contribute)

Communicate: We have a facebook page and we send out emails each week with directions for the routes and other information.

In Ireland pubs are more of a family gathering, it's about socializing and meeting new people and that is the atmosphere that we try to create at Kitty Hoynes Run Club. 

Rules of Engagement

  1. You must sign a waiver to run with the club.
  2. You are running at your own risk.  Obstacles such as fast moving cars, curbs, ice, parking meters, leprechauns, and confused tourists may be encountered at any time.
  3. Do not jaywalk.
  4. You must wear a reflective clothing during the winter season.  You need to see and be seen!
  5. Stay informed and get involved.
  6. Most importantly have fun!


To join the Kitty Hoynes Run Club, submit your name and email address below.

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