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Kitty Hoynes beverage program goes back in time to the days of Wm Hoyne & sons pub in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny, a small market town with 1500 population. We have incorporated all of this into making what we feel is a true Irish experience.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best experience possible when it comes to enjoying our beers and whiskeys. We serve our beers in the old style 20 0z Imperial pint glass and make sure that all our beer lines are cleaned bi-weekly. Our goal is to provide every one of our Guinness drinkers with a perfectly poured pint of the "black stuff". At Kitty Hoynes we are also embracing the American Craft Beer Movement by providing a diverse and constantly changing selection of craft brews from all over the country.

Kitty Hoynes is proud to have the largest Irish whiskey collection in upstate New York. People have often come in and told us that we have more Irish whiskey than they even knew existed. Our theme when it comes to our whiskey collection is to provide "the soul of Ireland in the heart of Syracuse". Our whiskey collection is constantly growing as we discover new and interesting blends on a daily basis. Our interest in whiskey all started when our local business back in Kilkenny used to bottle the whiskey from the distiller's casks and then sell it either in the family pub, or to other local businesses. Today this is done by the distillers themselves. Along with our whiskey collection we also have a whiskey club which meet monthly for events and tastings. Make sure to sign up and get involved in our very own Irish whiskey tour.

Kitty Hoynes has it all….the atmosphere, the music, the service and hospitality, the best pints of Guinness, largest selection of Irish whiskeys, and as people back in Ireland would say, "Where the craic is mighty!'

Largest selection of Irish Whiskey in Upstate New York.
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